Who we are ?

We are a company works in evaluation, studies and administrative development. It was established in 2018, in order to help and support the workers in the humanitarian and commercial work to develop their businesses through a group of distinguished expertise and competencies with best possible methods and operational mechanisms.


A local and regional leading company in evaluation, studies and administrative development.


Works to achieve the expected impact of the local sustainable development goals, by Improving the quality of response for the active ones at work, and increasing the effectiveness and policies of the country at work.


  1. Developing the national capacity for monitoring and estimating the urgent development and Investment needs.
  2. Strengthening the quality of response by implementing assessments that focus on the needed information to make the strategic decisions and improve the performance in a way that strengthens results-based management.
  3. Preparing studies and scientific research to develop strategies and policies for humanitarian.
  4. Developing the ownership of creativity and innovation among the specialized staff in developing the field of humanitarian and commercial work.
  5. Strengthening the commitment to human rights principles and practices.
  6. Strengthening the commitment to the principle of neutrality, transparency and credibility among the local active ones.
  7. Building a clear, comprehensive and local reference framework for knowledge that is influenced by international and regional knowledge and appropriate to the current circumstances, including analysis of the learned lessons and good practices.
  8. Supporting small and medium enterprises to advance and succeed.


Credibility: We enjoy credibility as a result of our professional neutrality. We focus in our work on complying with the scientific and ethical standards.

Scientific Arbitration: the evaluation results are checked and reviewed by a panel of consultants, and no document is issued except the arbitrated one.

Analysis: We use statistical methods that help to figure out important and new results, which can’t be reached by traditional descriptive methods.

Privacy: We take into account the organization’s circumstances when planning, implementing the follow-up and evaluation in terms of projects, working conditions, and the administrative model, and we maintain its privacy.

Digital Technology: We invest in digital systems to support work quality, data accuracy, team safety, and distance working.